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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?


If you are on the lookout for a reliable garage that can offer efficient wheel balancing Bridge of Don, come down to Laws Tyres. We use advanced balancers and cutting-edge equipment to check the weight distribution across the wheels’ circumference and re-balance it adequately.

Wheel balancing is a must to ensure that you enjoy unmatched steering stability and a comfortable driving experience in any road condition. If the wheels are not adequately balanced, it increases the risk of tyre-related accidents and jeopardises your safety. Further, unbalanced wheels also reduce tyre durability and cause excessive tyre wear, requiring you to replace them more frequently.

Hence, if you are experiencing any warning sign of unbalanced wheels, do not delay and come to us for a detailed inspection.

What causes wheels imbalance?

There are several factors which cause an imbalance in the wheel and tyre assemblies, like:

    • Manufacturing defects in tyres and wheels
    • Hitting a kerb or driving through a deep pothole
    • Stem hole of the wheel causes weight disparity on one side of the unit
    • Inaccurately fitted wheels
    • Worn-out shock absorbers and struts, etc.

Whatever may be the cause, it is crucial to opt for routine car wheel balancing Bridge of Don after every 5,000 miles to ensure there is no major disproportion in the weight distribution of your car wheels.

Wondering what the warning signs of unbalanced wheels are? 

Check out the list below:

    • Vibrations in the floorboards, steering wheel and seats
    • Bumby and an uncomfortable driving experience
    • Increased braking distance
    • Reduced fuel efficiency, etc.

However, since some symptoms of faulty wheel balancing and alignment may seem similar, it is always recommended to avail of assistance from professional experts.

Laws Tyres is a trusted garage for wheel balancing Bridge of Don, known for our efficient and prompt services. Some of the key steps we follow to conduct this process are as follows:

    • Removing the tyre- and wheel assembly and mounting it on a wheel balancing machine
    • Rotating the wheel at high speed to note down the vibrations
    • Analysing the recorded data to identify the areas of weight imbalance
    • Attaching additional counterweights on the external or internal surface of the wheel, wherever required.
    • Remounting back the wheel and tyre assembly after checking the air-pressure and refilling it to an optimal level if needed.

Still searching for a wheel balancing garage near me?

Put an end to it and book an appointment with us at Laws Tyres by calling us on 01224-222604.