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Are you looking for TPMS Replacement for your vehicle?


Tyre pressure plays a critical role in maintaining optimal road contact, which enables manufacturer-claimed performance in terms of fuel efficiency and handling. Most vehicles manufactured post 2008 come with a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System or TPMS.

TPMS sensors ensure driving safety by triggering the TPMS indicator light on your car’s dashboard if the pressure falls 25% below the recommended levels.

Laws Tyres is a reliable garage that replaces TPMS sensors Bridge of Don. If our technicians detect major damage in these sensors, we would suggest a replacement.

Types of TPMS sensors Bridge of Don

TPMS sensors are primarily of the two following types:

    • Direct: In this type, TPMS sensors are placed on the wheel rims, and detect any anomaly in tyre pressure. To ensure utmost driving safety, immediately visit a professional garage for a thorough inspection in case this sensor malfunctions.
    • Indirect: Indirect TPMS sensor Bridge of Don works in tandem with the ABS sensors and detects any unusual reading regarding braking distance with the help of 4 dedicated sensors. If it notices any discrepancy, your car’s in-built computer system gets notified and sends a warning signal through the TPMS warning light.

Some of the causes of TPMS sensor damage

    • Damage during sensor installation
    • Damage during tyre replacement
    • Galvanic corrosion
    • Damage due to driving on rough and uneven roads

The installation process of TPMS sensors Bridge of Don is an intricate job, and one should opt for replacement of TPMS sensors only from an experienced garage, like Laws Tyres, to avoid any unwanted damage.

How often do you need TPMS sensor replacement Bridge of Don?

Our experts at Laws Tyres suggest replacing TPMS sensors Bridge of Don every 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes earlier to ensure that these sensors continue to work optimally.

In case you are facing any issue with TPMS sensor batteries, head over to our facility for a replacement. We use the latest equipment to deliver precision in this accuracy-demanding procedure.

Since faulty TPMS sensors can send erratic readings of your car tyre pressure, it is instrumental that you replace old sensors with new ones on time.

Reach us

In case you are searching for TPMS sensor repairing service near me, delay no more and visit us at the earliest at Unit C, Broadfold Business Centre, Broadfold Rd, Bridge of Don, Bridge of Don, AB23 8EE for quick and efficient services.

You can also call us on 01224-222604 for any assistance from our experts regarding TPMS sensors Bridge of Don.