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Are you looking for Brake Service for your vehicle?


Just like any other mechanical part of your car, brakes also have a particular lifespan. As your car braking system is essential for a safe driving experience, neglecting faulty or worn-out brakes can be dangerous. Hence, it is important to keep your vehicle’s braking system properly functional.

However, repairing a malfunctioning braking system is not recommended by professionals because it does not guarantee safety. It is suggested by experts to replace the malfunctioning components of the braking system. Head over to a professional garage for brake repair Bridge of Dons under such circumstances.

If you face any issue with your car’s braking system, visit our authorised workshop, Laws Tyres, and get the components replaced. Our experts offer affordable and prompt brake pad replacement Bridge of Dons.

Signs of a faulty braking system

    • Brake warning indicator – A triggered brake light on your car dashboard indicates low brake fluid level, typically due to worn-out brake pads.
    • Soft brake pedal – Air in the brake lines is a common cause of soft or spongy brake pedals.
    • Increased rolling resistance – If the brakes take a longer time to stop your vehicle, it is possibly due to worn-out brake pads.
    • Grinding metallic sounds – If your car exhibits loud squeaking noises while braking, it usually indicates damaged brake rotors.

Causes of brake failure

Some of the most common causes of brake failure have been discussed below.

    • Overheating of brake pads: Excessive use of brakes can overheat the brake pads making them stiff and brittle. This condition can decrease the ability of brake pads to grip the wheel rotor disks efficiently.
    • Damaged rotor disks: Damaged rotor disks can decrease the service life of your car’s brake pads. As a result, stopping your car gets difficult.
    • Leaking hydraulic fluid: The brake fluid makes the brake pedal transmit pressure to the wheels. Leakage of hydraulic fluid from the brake line needs to be stopped urgently.
    • Driving through mud and water: Water and mud lubricate your car’s rotor disk and brake pad which causes difficulty in stopping the vehicle.
    • Overloading your auto: Overloading your vehicle more than its capacity will automatically hamper the brakes, thereby preventing it from proper functioning.

Visit us

Laws Tyres has trained professionals who can successfully replace any damaged brake component, thereby resolving any braking system-related issue.

Drive down to our garage for brake repair Bridge of Dons to eliminate such problems.

You don’t have to search “brake repairing service near me” anymore as we are here to offer your affordable solutions at our garage for brake pad replacement Bridge of Dons.