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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?


Routine wheel alignment checks at a professional garage ensure your driving safety. A proper wheel alignment check delivers a balanced and stable steering experience. On the other hand, your car can pull to one side of the road if the wheels are misaligned. The tyre tread can also wear out quickly if you keep driving on misaligned wheels.

Laws Tyres uses updated technology to align your vehicle’s wheels in the most accurate way possible. Get your car wheels aligned at least twice a year for proper maintenance. Hence, if you are looking for 2x wheel alignment Bridge of Don, end your searches with us.

Causes of wheel misalignment

    • Sudden heavy impact like hitting an object, potholes or an accident can lead to wheels’ misalignment.
    • Worn-out parts of your vehicle can deteriorate the quality of driving in general. Wearing out of shocks, springs and other suspension components can also result in misaligned wheels.
    • Modification of car height can also lead to improper wheel alignment. Your vehicle’s suspension is designed to work at a certain height, but if you adjust your car height without adjusting the suspension, it can cause wheel alignment problems.

Symptoms of misaligned wheels

There are certain aspects that one must notice in order to identify misalignment of wheels. Few symptoms are listed below.

    • The car drifts to one side automatically.
    • The steering wheel does not return to its original position after turning or cornering.
    • Squealing noises coming out from the tyres.
    • Tyres wear out unevenly.

If you are already facing any of the problems related to wheel alignment as mentioned above, drive down to our station for affordable 2x wheel alignment Bridge of Don.

How can we help?

At our wheel alignment garage Bridge of Don, we take into consideration the following three angles:

    • Camber angle - Refers to the outward and inward angle of a car’s wheels when viewed from the front. Many vehicles have negative camber to aid in stability.
    • Caster angle – This is the forward and backward angle of the steering axis. Caster helps a car stay on a straight course and helps the steering wheel return to its original position after a turn.
    • Toe angle - The inward or outward angle of the car wheels, as viewed from above, illustrates the toe angle.

You don’t have to look for “wheel alignment garage near me” anymore because our station is the best solution for your all your vehicle related issues.

Feel free to call us for more information.