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Get Best Deals on Cheap Tyres Bridge of Don from Laws Tyres. Buy Online Top Branded Car Tyres Bridge of Don with Wheel Balancing and Auto Garage Services.

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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


At Laws Tyres, we provide a comprehensive car summer check Bridge of Don. During this service, our professionals inspect crucial components of your vehicle and conduct the necessary repairs and replacements with your permission.

What’s included in our summer check Bridge of Don?

During a summer car check Bridge of Don at Laws Tyres, car owners can expect the following:

    • Battery

The scorching summer days can heavily impact the functioning of your car batteries. During summer check at Laws Tyres, our experts will inspect the car battery visually and look for signs of corrosion and check the fluid level (if the battery caps can be removed). Also, they inspect the age of the battery and recommend repairs or replacements accordingly.

    • Air conditioning

We check if the air conditioning unit is working appropriately or if any of its components, like the evaporator, condenser or compressor, is malfunctioning.

    • Oil level

During our summer check Bridge of Don, our professionals check the oil level and ensure it is between the minimum and maximum levels. We will provide top-ups accordingly.

    • Coolant

Coolants are important to protect the engine from extremes of temperatures. The professionals at our facility check the coolant storage tank and examine if the indicator is between the minimum and maximum mark. They refill it if the level has reached the minimum mark.

    • Tyre, tyre pressure and tread depth

In the UK, a tyre must have a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. Summer check at Laws Tyres includes checking this basic parameter. Also, we inspect tyre pressure and inflate or deflate it as per the manufacturer guidelines.

Further, to ensure optimal driving experience during summer, especially when the temperature has reached above 7°C, we recommend car-owners to opt for summer tyres. We have a vast collection of summer tyres from the most reputed tyre brands across the world.

Hence, we suggest you end your search for the best car repairing garage near me with us at Laws Tyres.