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Pirelli Tyres


Within the tyre industry Pirelli are a renowned leader in developing premium performance car tyres. All of Pirelli's tyres combine optimum performance with a feel for the road to enable enhanced handling. And with the tender to exclusively supply tyres to the FIA Formula One Championship until 2013, the Pirelli brand has become synonymous with quality and performance.

Founded in 1872 in Milan, Pirelli's history is steeped in innovation and research. Today Pirelli are the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world and are still at the forefront of innovation. January 2012 they hosted the first international conference dedicated to sustainability and road safety.

Pirelli not only pride themselves on the being a market leader in performance tyres but also in tyre ecology. Their new 'Green Performance' philosophy mean that their tyres ranges are environmentally friendly by reducing environment impact both at the manufacturing stage and over the life of the tyre.

Car Tyres from Pirelli

Tyre Range


Pirelli's Cinurato collections are proud to be part of the Green Performance range which has been designed to respect the environment and doesn't compromise on performance and safety. The complete range is environmentally friendly and promises to save fuel, increase longevity and reduce both CO2 emissions and noise levels.

Tyres in the Cinturato range include:

  • Cinturato P1
  • Cinturato P7
  • Cinturato P6
  • Cinturato P4
  • Winter Snowcontrol

Pirelli's ultra high performance range of tyres; the PZero collection, has been designed to meet the needs of sporting drivers and is suitable for the most powerful and prestigious high-performance city cars.

The tyres act to enhance the performance of modern sports cars and have been designed for frequent use and extended durability.

Tyres in the PZero range include:

  • P Zero (silver)
  • P Zero Corsa System
  • P Zero Car -SUV
  • P Zero Rosso Car - SUV
  • P Zero Nero

The Scorpion collection is a range for every season or condition; summer, winter or rain or snow. Designed with different tread patterns, the Scorpion range are suitable for everything from the hardest of off-road use to long distance motorway driving.

These tyres take full advantage of Pirellis latest innovation in tread patterns to provide comfort and safety with a respect for the environment. The innovative tread patterns provide a long lasting tyre that maintains high levels of performance on and off-road and in rain or snow.

Tyres in the Scorpion range include:

  • Scorpion Verde
  • Scorpion Zero
  • Scorpion STR
  • Scorpion ATR
  • Scorpion Ice and Snow