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Avon Tyres


Avon tyres are well known for the manufacturing of tyres for motorsport and are one of the leaders in bike tyre manufacturing. Avon have won various awards for their services to motorsport and pride themselves on their ability to produce high quality tyres for both two and four wheel vehicles.

Avon have been making tyres to suit all vehicles, car, motorbikes, vans and trailers since 1904 and today Avon Tyres is owned by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. Throughout their history Avon tyres have been chosen as original equipment by the likes of Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Land Rover. Their tyre manufacturing experience is combined with the very latest design and manufacturing technology which ensures that Avon produce high quality tyres which help to make driving a pleasure rather than a chore.

Car Tyres from Avon

Avon manufacture a wide range of car, van, motorcycle and 4x4 tyres to suit all budgets and requirements. From specialist performance tyres to extreme weather tyres to ultra-quiet great value tyres, you’ll be sure to find a tyre to suit from Avon. Below is a selection of Avon’s car tyre range.

Tyre Range


The ZT5 tyre is designed for everyday use and has a wide range of fitments for family cars. The special circumferential grooves provide improved aquaplaning performance. The model provides good steering response and with an improved noise control system to aide quiet running , conforms to the latest EU legislation for noise.

The ZTR is specifically designed for performance saloons. It has a special 'tri-sector' pattern which makes it an ultra quiet tyre. This tyre supplies strong road handling in all conditions and its outer shoulder tread blocks provide improved cornering stability. This tyre is available in a wide range of sizes and in a choice of both H and V speed ratings.

The ZV5 is the new premium tyre from Avon. Designed to supply outstanding grip in wet and dry conditions, this tyre also provides excellent braking performance whatever the weather. Complete with a rim flange protector to help guard against kerb damage, the ZV5 is available in an extensive range of sizes including run-flat options.

The ZZ3 tyre is a high performance tyre which is designed for sports oriented cars. Providing excellent performance in all road conditions with superb wet weather grip and amazing dry road holding the ZZ3 gives you total confidence in driving high performance cars hard and fast. Like the ZV5, the ZZ3 has a rim flange protector to guard wheels against kerb damage