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Locking Wheel Nut Removal Service Mobile

Lost or damaged your vehicles' locking wheel removal device?

Relax!! Laws Tyres are equipped with specialist locking wheel nut removal tooling to safely remove security devices where the original removal device is no longer able to be used or has been lost.

Procedure for Removal of Locking Wheel Nuts

Where the nut or bolt has NOT been overtightened when previously installed, our technicians use two different means of removal.

  1. Invasive. Where a tool is used to quite literally break into the head of the item and force it off with torque application. This method may permanently damage the locking wheel nuts/bolts and replacements may be required.
  2. Non-Invasive. Where a unique tool is used to mould to the shape of the installed device and replicate the missing/damaged item. This will not usually damage the locking device at all.

In both circumstances we cannot offer a 100% guarantee of successful removal and you will be required to complete a disclaimer form before we attempt removal.

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